Services and Equipment

  Services Available 

       NZ WIDE 

  • Marine Offshore Inspections
  • Contamination Diving
  • Potable Water cleaning works
  • Potable  water tanks repairs underwater topside.
  • Concrete drill works and daimond cutting.
  • ROV Inspection class surveys.
  • Underwater metal detection services.
  • Hydro Dam Works.
  • Vessel hire
  • Underwater videography/photography.
  • Underwater Cutting/Welding
  • Marine Salvage.
  • CCTV Inspection.
  • Ristricted Space Entry Works.
  • All Hydraulic underwater services
  • Core drilling concrete, wood, steel.
  • Underwater Chainsaws, Grinders
  • Ramset Epcon applicators.
  • Hydratight systems.
  • Desludging works.

"Ocean Spirit" MNZ 127433
Ocean Spirit is a 9.4m BOSS CUSTOM with full MOSS survey
for NZ NI inshore Costal waters.  She is powered by 
twin 115 HP Suzuki four strokes.  Custom built and designed vessel for Diving
Operations and salvage.  Mobile throughout
New Zealand NI locations.
One of the largest on road triple trailer boat units in NZ for Dive Operations.
Equipment Available - 
  • 9.4 metre dive work boat MOSS (MNZ Survey)
  • 6.2m dive mobile workboat { MNZ survey }
  • Marine Transport Operator Certificate.
  • 2 x 4m Tender.
  • 6m Work trailer station.
  • ROV System 150m tether.
  • Potable Water equipment .
  • Underwater metal detectors.
  • Full range of lift Bags 50 Ton .
  • Brocco welding/cutting equipment.
  • 630m potable water bore CCTV unit.
  • Potable water units diving.
  • Mobile hp compressors.
  • On-site oxygen unit.
  • Divers emergency evacuation system.
  • Full range of Kirby Morgan Helmets Masks.
  • Full SSBA work station. 
  • Pneumatic Grinders/Drills.
  • Hydraulic powerpacks, drills, trash pumps.
  • Grinders, hammer drills.
  • Underwater chainsaws.
  • Marine Retrojett system.
  • Sludge Removal Treatment Ponds.
Our surface supply spread on board
Ocean Spirit.